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    Destination: England, Kent
    Duration: 5 days
    Departs: 03/07/2020
    Price: £419
    Whether you are a history buff, enjoy a good period drama or like exploring the narrow

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  • WYE VALLEY & The Royal Forest of Dean

    WYE VALLEY & The Royal Forest of Dean
    Destination: England, Coleford
    Duration: 5 days
    Departs: 05/07/2020
    Price: £329
    The Wye Valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty and the

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  • CORNWALL & The Eden Project

    CORNWALL & The Eden Project
    Destination: England, Cornwall
    Duration: 6 days
    Departs: 11/07/2020
    Price: £435
    Cornwall is a land defined by its spectacular coastline which tapers out into the Atlantic

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    Destination: England, Eastbourne
    Duration: 8 days
    Departs: 11/07/2020
    Price: £459
    Popular Eastbourne is a lovely elegant seaside town sheltered by the rolling expanse of the South Downs and Beach Head

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  • NEW TOUR – P&O Germany, Medieval Monschau

    NEW TOUR – P&O Germany, Medieval Monschau
    Destination: Germany, Monschau
    Duration: 7 days
    Departs: 11/07/2020
    Price: £619
    Monschau, sometimes called ‘The Pearl of the Eifel’ is an historic town in

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  • WALES – Tenby

    WALES – Tenby

    Destination: Wales, Tenby,
    Duration: 6 days
    Departs: 19/07/2020
    Price: £429

    Tenby is one of the prettiest resorts in Wales and is justly proud of its golden beaches,

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    Destination: England, Southport
    Duration: 5 days
    Departs: 19/07/2020
    Price: £349

    Southport has a pleasant and refurbished pier and the Victorian town centre has a wide variety of

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  • NEW TOUR – Captivating Cardiff

    NEW TOUR – Captivating Cardiff
    Destination: Wales, Cardiff
    Duration: 5 days
    Departs: 20/07/2020
    Price: £369
    Cardiff has transformed itself into an attractive city with the redevelopment of Cardiff Bay and

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  • NEW TOUR – P&O Switzerland, A Cluster of Rails in Klosters

    NEW TOUR – P&O Switzerland, A Cluster of Rails in Klosters
    Destination: Switzerland, Klosters
    Duration: 10 days
    Departs: 23/07/2020
    Price: £1115
    The Swiss Alps are home to some of the

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  • NEW TOUR – Regal Sidmouth

    NEW TOUR – Regal Sidmouth
    Destination: England, Sidmouth
    Duration: 5 days
    Departs: 27/07/2020
    Price: £415
    Sidmouth is a beautiful coastal town with a Regency feel and is ideal for visitors

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